✾ Limited Edition ✾ 

Mystique Collection

Sterling Silver, Jasper, Moonstone, Garnet

NS-410 – $600.00

"Melting Eye" Sterling Silver
Vintage Prosthetic Glass Eye, Copper and Squiggle Fringe, Ankh Side Toggle
NS-246 – $1,000.00

"Tree Top Charm Necklace"
Sterling Silver, Jasper, Carnelian, Copper
NS-248 – $1,200.00

Spike Collection

Sterling Silver

NS-407 – $175.00

Sterling Silver

NS-409 – $150.00

Sterling Silver

NS-408 – $150.00

Artemis Collection

Sterling Silver, Naturally Shed Antler

EG-15 – $800.00

Sterling Silver, Naturally Shed Antler

NS-381– $1,500.00

Sterling Silver
Naturally Shed Antler Cluster On Doubled Chain
NS-053 – $1,100.00


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