The name "Pippinhill" comes from the name of my father's boyhood home in New Jersey (pictured here). My use of the name is my homage to him and my desire to keep his spirit close to my work. 


Stacy Siroon Haviland

My obsession with jewelry began as a small girl digging through grandmother’s jewelry caskets. My grandmother was an immensely gifted artist who would walk me through her treasures and teach me about when, how, and why each piece was crafted.

By a very young age, I could distinguish real pearls from fake, plated metal versus solid, and recount the laborious process of enameling on metal. I was the only child in junior high who could tell you what was made from a mold and what wasn't.  And the more my love for art and jewelry grew, the deeper my respect for the French became. They just seemed to know it all.

Though long gone from this world, my Armenian grandmother remains my muse in in all my creative endeavors. She is in every piece I create.

What I love most about jewelry is that it is beautiful, lasting, sentimental, and crucially talismanic in nature. It's the reason why jewelry was created—to give the wearer power. This ethereal “magic” is what drives me to create.

Most of my designs feature either the delicate organic beauty found in the ratio of the Golden Mean, with a generous nod to the French masters, or a more earthy talismanic concoction befitting a grand sorceress’ chatelaine.

It is between these two worlds where my true passion resides. 

How I Work